The same principles apply to private sessions as for classes. We work towards the same goal. However a private class can be very different from a group class in experience. It might be difficult for you to relax or feel completely safe with other people. Even if you feel unsafe with another therapist alone there’s the option to invite your own chaperon or we can provide a chaperon to help and hold the space. Besides “mindfulness through movement” I also offer bodywork and bodywork combined with mindfulness and breathwork.

Bodywork is a two way process, the muscles or fascia that’s been held in place by a pattern is connected to the body and mind. This relation is what we want to work on, as it is you that are holding the muscle. We do this through generating a safe and conscious space in which we can approach these energy blocks. Fluctuating between relaxation and depth of the body. Through the use of a combination of elements like myofascial release, deep tissue, stretches, hands of and -or hands on work.


Bodywork – 90Min
Mindfulness through movement – 90Min
Breathwork – 90Min
Full integrative session – 4Hours