Since I’m in India, I’m not conducting any classes or sessions at the moment.

What is healing?

Healing is not related to anything specificly, it is an interconnective process which is highly personal. Through which I use certain tools to aid that process. Healing is however not related  fixing, pushing, curing but more to integratiom, understanding and allowing.

What do I do?

Bringing people back to the awareness of their mind and body in a safe and conscious space. Through which we can integrate emotions and tension which are present by releasing their holding. Once we are reconnected we can start creating and expressing from our core.

Why do I do it?

My process started from an early age, as a child I came into contact with my essence. This was not something I was ready for at that time. Which lead me in search for means on how to integrate this experience. Going to many healers, mediums, courses from an early age has lead me to find my own process. This brought me back to my own mind and body, and how we are vibrational beings (literally). At the age of  25 I left my old life behind and fully dedicated to myself. This dedication has led me to this space where I want to share my process. Through others I learn about myself and reconnect to an interconnected reality. Keeping me within field of gentle and conscious awareness.

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What are the goals of these methods?

Everything revolves around the same subject, reconnecting with your subtle body and alleviate suffering through true integration of what is present. Working through empowerment, you’re the path towards true healing. Let’s forget about releasing, fixing, pushing. Lets integrate, understand and allow.


  • Move from anxious to a relaxed state of mind
  • Reconnecting with yourself on a deeper level and enjoy feeling
  • Surrendering and becoming aware of the mind and mind
  • Experiencing your subtle vibrational body through which you become more aware and alive
  • Shifting stuck energies to alleviate physical and mental blocks
  • Learn how to navigate between emotions
  • Being more free in your physical and mental movement
  • Becoming more  grounded in the here and now
  • Coming into power through vulnerability

For who?

Intuitives and sensitives who find it hard to deal with a lot of people and information. If you feel drained by others peoples emotions or information that’s coming in. If this is the case you probably have a highly sensitive nervous system, which is a gift but also can work against us if we don’t have the proper tools to deal with them.

Group classes

Safety is a important aspect of this process. We cannot explore as long as we are not comfortable with our own body and our surrounding. Therefore these classes are split up in different sections. Which can be joined at one’s own pace.

Mindfulness through movement:
Connecting to our body

A combination of many facets in which we explore our body in a conscious way, to feel our body and become more present within it. We do this through slow and aware movements, elements of Tai-Chi, Yoga, bioenergetics, meditation… moving towards a full integration of our body. Making our movement a more complete and wholesome experience. Preparing to experience more subtle vibrations within.

Duration: 90Min

Mindfulness through movement:
Connecting to our emotions and vibrational body

We start out with reconnecting to our body, feeling what is present, resourcing. We do this through slow movements. Here the key component comes which is that we seek vibrations within the body through muscle fatigue. Ones we established a connection to this we go into expression and experience of these vibrations. By the use of expressive elements, focusing on different belts/chakras of the body. Exploring a more vulnerable side of our self. We always end with an integration and intention towards feeling a more subtle vibration within the body.

Duration: 90Min

Inner journey through breathwork

Once we’re connected to the body we can take it further within an introspective journey in which we use the breath and body to guide us. Unwinding, expressing and body vibrations are the key here. This can become a very deep and expressive process through which we gain ownership over our emotions and vulnerability. Allowing ourselves to fully let go, in a conscious way and dearmour from all the weight we are carrying..

Duration: 115Min

Individual sessions

Sessions in private setting allow for a more in depth and personified process which is not possible in a group session. We focus specifically on your personal needs and generate a safe container to allow stagnant energy to flow, reconnecting with your emotions and body.

The same principles apply to private sessions as for classes. We work towards the same goal. However a private class can be very different from a group class in experience. It might be difficult for you to relax or feel completely safe with other people. Even if you feel unsafe with another therapist alone there’s the option to invite your own chaperon or we can provide a chaperon to help and hold the space. Besides “mindfulness through movement” I also offer bodywork and bodywork combined with mindfulness and breathwork.

Bodywork is a two way process, the muscles or fascia that’s been held in place by a pattern is connected to the body and mind. This relation is what we want to work on, as it is you that are holding the muscle. We do this through generating a safe and conscious space in which we can approach these energy blocks. Fluctuating between relaxation and depth of the body. Through the use of a combination of elements like myofascial release, deep tissue, stretches, hands of and -or hands on work.


Bodywork – 90Min
Mindfulness through movement – 90Min
Breathwork – 90Min
Full integrative session – 4Hours


Workshops are focused in depth on a specific subject. Because of their depth they take longer to explore and therefor I made some of them a whole day. And although they focus on different aspects, within their essence they are structured to bring us back to our emotions and vibrational body. If there’s an interest, you can contact me for further details.

Manifesting through the body and symbols

We go on a journey towards the self, looking for our resources, values and needs. By using body cues and awareness we find what it truly is that we’re looking for. Once we’ve found that consistency in our life we transform it into a symbol which we use a guiding and resourcing power in our live.

Only on an individual basis

Duration: 120min

The mindful multiorgasmic man (mens workshop)

Sexuality plays a big part in our live, even if it’s dormant. There lays a huge unexplored potential of energy to work with. Yet many of us can get drained and frustrated. In this workshop we’ll explore tools and concepts to learn how to sublimate sexual energies. Be more present within a sexual experience. And experience the healing potential of the orgasm. We do this through concrete concepts and exercises

For individuals or groups

Duration: Full day

Mindfulness through movement day workshop

This is an in-depth exploration of the self covering all fields of mind and body. Gradually building up towards a full integration of mind, body, emotion and vibrations.  It contains the full spectrum of all the above classes.

For individuals or groups

Duration: Full day

Any questions? Feel free to contact me.

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