The virtual body

Something virtual is effective in essence but not in name. Virtuality is not a new term in its conceptual way but simply a repetition of what was know before. The maya or illusion of life is a reflective mirror of our own shadows. As we fall in out of love with objects passing us by.

Confusion as natural state

We’re a construction of many different facets. Our minds and bodies are ever changing. Making us more diverse and capable of an endless neuroplasticity. Yet stability seems to be the key to an healthy image. Like a pot that breaks, we can glue ourselves with gold.

High Life

We live in a ritualized reality. Every object that has value to us consists out of a pattern. Culturally, economically or spirituality, they all gain their values through persistent believe in their symbolism. That is the ritual of life, if we want to change our relation, we have to change our rituals.

Healing generational trauma

Our lives are not ours but the trasnission, accumulation and transmutation of our past into the present. Our parents, grandparents, ancestors have their own context that’s transmitted through generation until that one generation decides to confront it.

The virtual altar

The digital is the reflection of the physical. As we move between real and unreal. The virtual and the physical. What I believe to be learned here, is a lesson in emotions. There’s no preference for this technological development it simply is. As soon it will be possible to assimilate any emotional state, what would there be truly left to do? If we can experience everything we desire. But to simply be satisfied in the here and now.

Short video works

A collection of short video’s I did for multiple exhibitions across the world.

Selected abstract works

Interested in collaborating?

Over the years I’ve collabirated with many other artist and contributed to many online galleries. Please feel free to contact me if there are any further questions or requests.