A life of search

There’s one event in my life that altered my path clearly in a single direction. When I was around 11 years old I had a deep and profound existential insight. It was more than simply a though, it was a full experience, integrated within mind, body and reality. As if before I was within a bubble but not aware of this bubble and I suddenly, out of nowhere became not only aware of this bubble but it also exploded into an infinite number of pieces. From that day on the question “who am I” and “what is all of this” stuck with me. They became my teachers and never left me.

Luckily my mother was already in the spiritual field and she introduced me to many other therapist, healers, shamans and mediums. Going in and out of these spaces, I eventually decided at the age of 25 to go fully into the process and left to never look back.

Living as a Nomad

For 5 years I wandered across Asia (I still am but have my stable bases now), living in many different countries and having many different teachers. Such a variety of places and constant change has taught me to be closer to myself and embrace the unknown. To live more within this moment and not cling to what is passing by. It’s been a long journey in which I had to explore many aspects of my own shadows and confront my own resistances.

I am still a traveler and forever a student. Being human is the goal, to come back to what I am, to embrace those difficulties and integrate them into my life. Travel was a major part of that development. Providing me an open space in which things could just flows to me in an organic way.

“Through travel I learned to

embrace constant change on all

aspect of life. It showed me how live from my center and

have trusting my true self”

The development of a therapy

One of my major obstacles was that I found it hard to believe, to embrace, to fully  connect with one therapy form. Being in need of a basis to work from. Later I realized that this liquidity and changeability was part of my nature and can be appreciated as a gift as well.
Doing so many different studies has led me to what I really want to do myself. To what I find important and what I can really share. Not to simply copy a therapy but speaking from within my own power and understanding. Embodying what I do, because it is who I am. This understanding and “being oke” with who you are is part of the teachings I received. Even those harsh experiences have their value in our life. As they come with potential.
Potential which is energy within the body and if we allow energy to flow it will flow into the direction we want our lives to be in. Such a process brings me back to the body and the goal is to once again really feel what is present. Being present with those energies and allowing those pathways to open up on their own account.
Such is true integration, not by force or will but through acceptance of what is. There’s no greater way to do this than through our bodies. Only if we fully feel our bodies can we connect to an external reality. If the body moves, the whole body has to move. This has led me to the reintegration of the body through vibration.


My teachers and studies

“People reflect which lays in your own depths”


One of my most valuable teachers has always been the people I interacted with. Even in courses, the theory and practices are useful. But the real teachers are the group of people within them. Through them I’ve learned much about myself and my emotions, my own body and resistances.

The most difficult interaction most often become the greatest teachers. I would like to thank and honor all of you I’ve spend time with and learned from.

“Every interaction is here

to show you something”

Master Kim and Ping

Traditional Tai-Chi
Yangshuo China

Tai-Chi has become the basis of my practice. For 6 months I spend with them, learning full time has become an invaluable part of my life. To connect and feel the body, relax and move in a more wholesome and conscious way.

Mahasida Tantra

Rishikesh India

Although I don’t support the teaching or the teaching method. I did learn a great deal about energy sublimation. But also about group dynamics and teacher student relation. Too trust I‘m my own position and that being vulnerable, even when all odds are against you can be a powerful resource.

Institute of yoga

Yoga 250 TTC
Mumbai India

My basis for yoga from an philosophical and practical position. Especially the resistance of the mind towards the body and how to guide the body more gently. How to teach people and be more connected in your teaching.


Relationship based communication
Auroville India

A huge part of my being that has developed over many years has come through his understanding of values, needs and relationship. My communication and position within a relationship in relation to my core. Such in dept understanding of our intimate relationship with reality and our communication to it.

Rahul Barti

Ancient healing
Ponducherry India

These were teachings across many fields. From shamanism to ancient healing and massage. My focus here was on ritualism and trance inducement. How to navigate groups of people. But also a lot of tools for aiding the movement of energy. All which developed over many months of interactions and teachings.

Gitten & Nisarga

breathwork L2

Kikow , Poland

BBTR is what brought much of my practices together into a whole session. And added a very fundamental part to it, the breath. The breath which aids the opening and flow of energy throughout the body. It also showed me an more in dept experience of my own and others vulnerabilities.


Myofascia release massage
Goa, India

Deep core muscles and contractions of the myofascia. Going deeper through a slow buildup of pressure to release these deep tensions has become the bases of my bodywork. How to touch and  have a gradual development became the central part of my own sessions

Mr. S.N. Goenka

Vietnam and Nepal

At the essence of life lays vibration. Through these intense meditation I gained direct experience of them. How pain can be dissolved and how we can inspect and feel the body on a sub-atomic level. Vipassana brought me through my core and how be with the self.


Tantric Journey
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Although I did not agree with his teachings or his practice, I did learn valuable lessons on how to interact with people. How important the feeling of safety is and how to come into my own power through vulnerability. Also a deeper insight into sexuality, the orgasm and the healing qualities of body vibrations.


Clinical motion analysis
Chiang Mai, Thailand

To truly feel and see the difference between key principles of fascia and the muscles. How all of this is related to body structure and how we can through simple manipulations alter this structure. That such a simple technique can have a very powerful effect.


Auroville, India

Contextual problems are the flag for feelings. And feelings are the flag for deeper needs. The structure of this almost cosmological principle is such a deep understanding. An invaluable tool for finding ones true self, communicating from that space and really connecting to others.

Magda Inta

Reiki Level 1
Sint-Truiden, Belgium

This was my first introduction to energy moving. The power of a no touch or speech therapy is not to be underestimated. We can do so much in silence by feeling the presence of the body. Truly coming back into one’s body through simply being present.

Pranic healing foundadion

Pranic healing
Mumbai, India

We can feel the energy fields of others through a somatic exchange. Pranic healing gave me clear tools and insights on how we can navigate such a realm. Techniques which are very clear which I have transformed into my own practice.


Sound healing
Kathmandu, Nepal

Ever since I was introduced to Laya Yoga, sound and frequencies became an important aspect of my life. Chaitanyashree showed me how to work more refined with these sounds and tools and how to apply these in a session.


Hana Somatic
Auroville, India

The body has an understanding and knows how to restore itself. Getting old can be a positive through becoming more conscious of movement. These slow movement have showed me how to integrate the body through the soma.


Kandy, Sri-Lanka

Being here and now, what else is there to do? Through these in dept teachings I have learned valuable lessons about this I. How to be present, in the now, in whatever we do.

Master Guo

Wing Chun
Kunyu Mountain, China

For one month I immersed myself in rigorous training. This made me very much aware of the capacity of the body and internal energy. I also experienced the level of excellence one can have in material arts. To be able to still and yet empowered.

Mike Holliday

Vedic Astrology
Varanasi, India

Astrology is something that always keeps returning in my life in new forms. Mike was the one who introduced me into its psychological depths in understanding the human psyche and their archetypes. In a place as Varanasi and encountering a teacher as him, I praise myself to have been very fortunate.

Brahmeshawar Yogi Pathak

Hatha Yoga
Varanasi, India

My dear teacher and first serious teacher has passed. He was such a gentle soul with deep knowledge. I had the honor to spend many months with him and his son getting deeper into yoga and ritualism.