“Let’s allow and integrate, here and now”


Life is magically weird, complex, special… It has so much depth and infinite potential. I started this journey towards myself. I’ve learned and unlearned, being lost and found. Expressing myself and coming closer to my vulnerability. Now I am here in front of all of you showing myself. Let’s find a way together to reconnect and get closer to what we really want to do in life. To unleash those knots, blocks that we have tied within us. To once again discover our infinite potential within. Reconnecting to the only place we can truly know, the here and now, within the center of all. Let’s make life a wholesome experience and integrate it as a whole, no matter what we are doing.

What I offer: Everything flows through healing


My main focus is on healing in the form of workshops, sessions and classes. All other things are a result of those processes and studies in the field for therapy and healing. I perceive healing as a complete process that’s concerned with my own and others well-being in all aspects of life. We can’t really exclude it from anything as that would be desensitizing or split off in different fragments. All such processes in life, it being work or play lead towards a more consciousness of what’s going on inside yourself. Something we can’t ignore in any aspect.




Therapy is providing of a safe container in which we can express and integrate which is already inside of us with the aid of tools. Expressing through the body to return to a more subtle vibration in which we can be aware.


My mind is always exploring new possibilities and directions to go towards. Innovation is one of my core values and this also reflects in my therapy as it is a never ending development. Most of these project relate to each other and align with my core values; True openness, innovation and grounding.


Writing is essential to having a basis in my understanding. In these writings I explore parts of the mind and body and develop a basis to act from. Providing structure to my concepts. And aiding people in their own development to reflect upon their mind and body.


Latest publications

Inner struggles with your own nervous system

A simple example of how the autonomic nervous system can influence your daily life   (This is a humble attempt to lay out a simple map for reactionism through the nervous system but explained from within my personal experience.)   There's something very fundamental to...

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Are you holding your belly

Are you holding your belly? If you are, you're not allowing your energy to flow freely. The image of soldiers, or instagram models may look appealing in a picture but in reality it's a staged and forced position. Holding the belly is so common these day that it has...

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The position of your pelvis and sexual energy

There's a great deal to be said and explored about the pelvis. Here I'll simply focus on the position, which is either pulled back, pushed forward or centered. Left and right orientations could be due to very personal traumas and patterns which form deformations in...

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