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CU3D Is a blog I started in 2015 and has been my main place for experimenting with 3D.

'Reality is liquid. The things that make it feel solid are the belief systems which are morphic fields supported by fixation within the collective.'

Digital enlightenment

Information overload is shaping human consciousness. Symbols are losing meaning. What was once firm and solid is now becoming liquid. Gross becomes subtle. A previously well-defined symbol is becoming an aesthetic relic and is being reabsorbed into a personal construction of reality. Old archetypes are being transcended and repainted, not by any change, but by reinterpretation.

Chaos of symbols shaped in a never ending stream of endless conscious interactions by the people of the net. Sometimes it looks appealing, we all find our thing somewhere within this beautiful mess, while on some mess we collectively agree for no understandable reason. Social constructs, rules, rigid forms are being transcended. Reused to transmute into new and more personal constructs, thus reconstructing authority over one’s own choices and manifesting an autonomous existence. No longer confined by borders imposed by indoctrination, we find an endless freedom for expression on all levels.

Since we all like water, it becomes a reflection of it’s state - ever changing and reflecting the illusion of reality. All beings are drops in the same ocean, redefining by choice what a reflection is.

Alone but together. Swirling in creative expressions. Recycling symbols and forming a unified consciousness by redistribution of symbolic power. The first step in becoming god of our own digital biotope.