High life

Medium: 3D Render

Series of artworks made for http://www.poppermag.com Dealing with high and lows. What are the values of branding, of self and of the human organism. Are they all interelated and can we realy judge something as low or high culture.

The easthetics of gabber culture, which was very marginalised was later adopted as high art. In thailand it’s comon to honor the gods by giving them a Fanta. To explain these concepts between cross cultures can be very difficult as both share a different field of understanding. Therefore if we judge from within one field as low, within the other it can be seen as high.

The high life, being high and drinking champagne is the title of this work. What is seen as high, is low within the body standards and lacs real value or connection. Or maby I’m also judging from within my own field.